St Bernards Dogs for rehoming in SE England

The RSPCA is appealing to people living in the South East of England  who can offer a new home to one of more than 100 St Bernards which were removed from kennels in Northamptonshire in December 2008.

Since then the dogs have been cared for in private boarding kennels on behalf of the RSPCA. While they remained the property of their former owner, the Society was unable to rehome them.

Now, ownership of the St Bernards has been signed over to the RSPCA and so good new homes can be sought.

The dogs are being rehomed in small groups through various RSPCA animal centres. Priority will be given to potential owners who live nearest to where the dogs are currently being cared for to limit how far they will have to travel to their new homes. In the South East region, priority will be given to people living in Kent , as the dogs are being cared for near Maidstone. If you would like to offer a home to one of these wonderful dogs in the UK, please call 0300 123 8000.

Please note that a donation will be required in return for rehoming one of the dogs which helps cover the cost of their neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and veterinary check

St Bernards are large dogs and, as these particular animals have lived in kennels all their lives, they are not used to walking on leads and have not been house trained. They will need experienced homes where there is a reasonably large amount of space. They will also need regular grooming.

Paul Williams, RSPCA animal welfare manager in the RSPCA’s east region, said: “These dogs will need special care and patience. They all have good temperaments but their kennel background means that they will need owners with the knowledge and time to help them settle into their new homes.

“So far,  caring for these St Bernards has cost the RSPCA around £100,000 and all donations, however big or small, will be gratefully received. If you would like to rehome one of the dogs or make a donation so we can continue to care for animals like these, please call us on 0300 123 8000.”

The majority of the dogs range in age from two years to eight years and older and should make very loyal and rewarding pets for those able to give them the care they desperately need.

None of them suffer from mesothelioma, fortunately.

11 Responses to “St Bernards Dogs for rehoming in SE England”

  1. I would be very interested in taking on one of your male st bernards. Wonderful dogs.

  2. muriel Parkinson says:

    Hi .. I am interested in adopting 2 of these dogs a male and a female .. I would prefer puppies or younger dogs.
    I live in a big house with a very big garden.

  3. Victoria Butcher says:


    I am very interested in a male if you still have them available.

  4. steven lowery says:

    hi there we have two st bernards already and was wondering i know this was december but do you have any left thanks

  5. kelly gummery says:

    hi i am intrested in a bitch if you still have any – preferably a puppy or young dog thanks

  6. eileen king says:

    theres a loving family waiting for one of these poor animals i have alarge house and garden and no dogs just one cat we found i work from home and have a big family with lots of love to give any of these dogs – have had large breeds before thanks

  7. johnpaul says:

    we have been interested in st.bernards for a long time , we have a loving home with lots of love to give, could you please let us know if you have any for rehoming as we are extremely keen to expand our family, thanks

  8. tracey davies says:

    hello we have just heard about the st bernards that are looking for a home.i have had many years experience of keeping st bernards i would like to offer a home to some of the st bernards if possible but i do live in mallorca would this be a problem with you with a view to rehoming possibility of to dogs in the near future.i look forward to hearing from you yours sincerely tracey davies.

  9. sarah nicholls says:

    hey i got a male stbernard need a good home for him he doesnt like cats he needs a good training coz if he sees a dog he will pull and run to the dog and hes ears need good clean everyday iam 12years old i miss him loads so please be nice to him he doesnt like hats and iam begging please be nice to him i love him so much xxxx=(

  10. hello we have a st bernard girl and would like more to keep her company we have land for them to play on and run about we know all about there breed they are great dogs hope you will help to get us one thanks

  11. godfrey curtis says:

    Do you have any male st bernards needing rehousing? we have just lost our rescue St Bernard – we had him six years and he succumbed overnight 29th Dec to bloat.

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