Fox Terrier Walk in Brighton

Our second experience of the Brighton Fox Terrier Walk, on 26th April, was just as much fun as the first, and the weather was even kinder to us this time.  We were now prepared for the noise that guides the participants to the meeting point, thanks to 60+ Fox Terriers, ten Welsh Terriers and several other assorted breeds, in full voice.  The starting point is outside a McDonald’s at Brighton Marina: anyone who hoped for a quiet coffee on the terrace on that day was now regretting their choice!  A great turnout of happy dogs from all corners of the country, plus a couple who had even crossed the channel from France to join the event.  The car park is a multi-storey, making it quite difficult to keep Lula calm as she was desperate to join the others.  She would happily have jumped off from the top floor if we hadn’t held her back.  Her first encounter was with an Airedale, as you can see. Little and Large, not an optical illusion!

Lula wore a gorgeous new Cath Kidston cravat for the walk as we wanted her to look her best.  She was soon circulating among the crowd and meeting he new friends.

We were also accompanied by Teddy the Fox Terrier and his family, who live just a couple of streets away from us.  Teddy is just a year old so this was his first meetup with his cousins and he had a lovely time!  He is shown in this photo, leading his Mum (in the Leopard print coat).

This walk passes along the Marina past the bars and restaurants to the east of Brighton along a wide path above the beach.  At the end there is a welcome tea stop and, of course, the photo opportunity. Lula seemed to remember that there was a nice stretch of sandy beach on the route back, and she dragged us quietly but insistently on to the beach for a great game of tug.  I am always impressed by a dog’s memory for anywhere they have visited previously and she certainly remembered this spot.

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